La Rajoleria 1

Sant Pol de Mar, Spain

La Rajoleria 1

Sant Pol de Mar, Spain

We don’t just create great homes. We create homes for the future.
Built now to suit your lifestyle, with benefits to your family, health and
the environment. Ultra energy efficient, sustainable,
& intelligent smart home living.
Welcome to the home of the future.

How do we achieve this?

We use the passive house concept

THE BENEFITS of living in a home with passive house standards


Exceptional thermal insulation

In a passive house design (also known as a passivhaus), there is a comfortable and constant microclimate no matter what the outdoor changes in temperature and humidity are. This effect is achieved thanks to engineering calculations, high quality thermal insulation and supervision of works carried out by qualified specialists. In a passive house design, there is exceptional thermal insulation of a passive house design insures a constant microclimate, which provides comfortable indoor temperature, regardless of the elements. This naturally created optimal room temperature and conditions for the house remain consistent, even with sudden changes of the outdoor temperature and humidity levels. The effect is achieved thanks to precise engineering, high-quality thermal insulation, and supervision of the construction carried out by qualified specialists.

All the windows and doors are certified according to the passive house standards.

We exclusively install windows and doors in our properties which are compliant with the passive house standards. This guarantees the highest quality - and thus the longevity - of both the doors and windows, including precise installation. Another advantage of high performance doors and triple-glazed windows is having optimal thermal insulation and optimal soundproofing for more comfortable living.

Elimination of thermal bridges

In our future-proof homes, there are effectively no thermal bridges. This solution eliminates the thermal imbalance of a conventional home construction, which typically causes heat loss, moisture condensation on the walls and, as a result, the appearance of mould. Our solution to thermal bridges is not through using complicated technological devices, or by using expensive heating systems, but instead simply thanks to the clever construction technology itself. As a result, these future-proof constructions are capable of preserving their excellent energy efficiency, and all other top quality design features throughout their long-term existence, all without any additional cost to the inhabitants in the long term.

Controlled ventilation with heat recovery

Fresh air constantly circulates throughout the living spaces, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Firstly, the air passes through special filters, which purify it from dust, pollutants, and allergens. Then its temperature and humidity levels adapt to an optimal healthy indoor environment for the inhabitants. This smarter and more natural airflow results in a better quality of sleep, a reduction in stress levels, a lower risk of respiratory illness, and thus an overall improvement to the inhabitants’ health and wellbeing.

Airtightness of the house - Continuous airtight layer

A passive house allows us to have a stable microclimate and an excellent air quality, with minimal heat loss, which is evident in significantly reduced energy costs, i.e. heating and cooling costs over the winter and summer months, respectively. Due to low energy consumption, and a continuous airtight building envelope, the home’s energy emissions leave a minimal carbon footprint (virtually net-zero or even negative emissions) and thus benefit the environment through “greener living.”

We use state-of-the-art scientific & technological advancements for better living

THE BENEFITS of implementing innovative advancements in our homes


Water underfloor heating system

In the bedrooms, we install a water underfloor heating system that is more cost-effective and efficient, saving up to 40% in energy costs. This type of system does not generate electro-magnetic fields, or EMFs (compared to conventional electric underfloor heating), which maintains a comfortable temperature, and doesn’t dry out the air, providing optimal humidity levels for the health of its inhabitants, as well as helping to improve their immune response against any airborne allergens or respiratory diseases.

A smart house intuitively interacts between different systems

The Loxone smart home system guarantees a smart, intuitive interaction of the following in all of the living spaces: - the air conditioning system (heating/cooling) - the air humidity control system - the ventilation system - the monitoring of CO2 levels The overall result is a healthy, optimal microclimate offering its inhabitants clean, oxygen-rich air, which feels like they are breathing clean, fresh air - as if they’re walking in a forest.

Solar panels for producing electricity

A significant proportion of the energy consumed for the home's needs is produced by using the highest quality of solar panels. The excess energy produced is sold to energy companies as renewable energy. This allows the household to use electricity at peak times with ease, thus saving on overall energy consumption costs, and being better for the environment with minimal emissions, which is a major plus in the current climate crisis.

We apply a wealth of expertise in the maintenance of our private residential homes

THE BENEFITS of our professional experience


Careful implementation of the building’s waterproofing and rainwater drainage

We fully protect our houses from any potential leaks by paying more attention to the quality of the waterproofing of roofs and walls, and increasing the drainage capacity of downpipes, in line with the current regulations.

A brick façade

We opt for a brick façade, because it’s a reliable, hard-wearing and natural material, which has a timeless yet modern appeal. It is long-lasting as it requires minimal to no maintenance, and its naturally tactile aesthetic fits in perfectly with its surroundings.

Natural cladding

We use natural materials for both the construction and the cladding of the house. This complements the healthy living environment created thanks to the use of the passive house standard, and together with the latest air conditioning controlled by the smart home system.

Rainwater catchment system

Design your garden as you wish, thanks to the installed rainwater catchment system. This allows for plenty of recycled rainwater water for watering your plants.

We think about the future


We are a step ahead of the grade A energy efficiency classification

Your home is way ahead of the field in terms of energy efficiency and will continue to be a game-changer, staying a step ahead of the grade A energy efficiency classification requirements for more than a decade. Currently, it’s challenging to assess how all of the energy efficiency savings can benefit your lifestyle in the long run. In addition to savings, this positively impacts the environment thanks to careful use of resources in an exceptionally energy-efficient home.

For the energy efficiency certificate click here.

We maintain a healthy environment inside the home

In addition to saving energy, one of the important features of a passive house is a healthy microclimate for its inhabitants, the ease of breathing clean, fresh air 24 hours a day without leaving the house. Owners of passive houses report that on average adults and children alike suffer less from common colds, i.e. a stronger immune system supported by the microclimate.

We build homes that have the option of being fully self-sufficient in the future

Innovative advancements in the development of electric vehicles (EVs) are growing at a rapid rate, while the technology to create energy storage batteries with higher capacities is also evolving. It is clear that energy storage batteries will soon become more efficient, and at a lower cost. By then, the optimal energy efficiency of the passive house could be the first in going off-grid, waving goodbye to electricity companies, just by increasing the number of solar panels to maximise on its optimised construction for solar gains, as well as acquiring energy storage batteries. Following this switch to self-sufficient living, in addition to generating enough energy for household consumption, your home will be able to charge your EVs.
However, there is no need to wait to charge your EVs at home. The standard version of our home design is already equipped with an EV charging point. Initially the EV charging point will be connected to the mains using an energy provider, and with the potential for going off-grid in the future.